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Month: November 2015

6 tips that helped me write the first draft of my memoir:

  1. Having deadlines.
  2. Paying for a course where 5000 words had to be submitted by a deadline in order to receive feedback from an experienced writer and the rest of the group.
  3. Being in a supportive group of other writers who gave me encouraging feedback.
  4. Seeing that the struggles I was experiencing were similar to other people in the group.
  5. Having confidence in my ability as a writer after receiving helpful feedback from others.
  6. Having an accountability partner who expected me to SMS her the number of words I’d written.

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Your Higher Self

If you could think of three words that describe the person you want to be, when acting from your Higher Self, which ones would they be?

Mine are: authentic, courageous and creative.

Some people find it helpful to put their three words in a place where they will see them regularly. I even know some people who put the three words in their phone and get the words to come up automatically several times a day. The words can remind you of who you would like to be. You can then choose to become more of that word, or not. The choice is ours!

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Musings of a Kabbalah teacher

If you could choose a portion of the Torah or other Holy Book that you relate most to, which one would it be?

Ramblings of a Writer.

Welcome to my blog, where I talk about a lot of different topics that interest me…..including books, spirituality, writing, and more!

So join me for some virtual chocolate, some yummy cheese and a cuppa. My favourites are dark chocolate truffles, milk chocolate circles with hundreds and thousands on top (Sprinkles), and blue vein cheese (not altogether!), with a cup of peppermint tea.

I’m a young Grandma based in Melbourne, Australia. How young? Well, I’ll leave that to your imagination.  All I’ll say is that I first became a Grandma in my early fifties. It’s a juggling act because I work pretty much full time, and I’m also writing a memoir about my spiritual journey.

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