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Month: February 2016

The still soft voice within

Do you ever connect with your still small voice within? It can be really easy to ignore, especially in our noisy distracted world.

I’ve found that when I listen to my inner voice, (or my intuition), things tend to run smoothly. They flow. Synchronicities happen. I feel aligned to my Higher Self.

However if I ignore my inner voice, I usually regret it because things become chaotic and hard to cope with.


Genie’s memoir

I recently read a heart warming book about being true to one’s self. ‘My 15 Grandmothers’ is a true story about the author, Genie Milgrom, who had the courage to listen to her inner voice, even when everyone in her family were telling her she was wasting her time.

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Of treasures and pets

Did you ever have a box of treasured objects as a child? I had two identical ones. They were shaped like a pirate’s treasure chest and had a padlock with a key. The shiny brown boxes lined with gold edges had originally contained a variety of delicious chocolates. The treasures I kept locked inside the boxes after their original contents had been eaten were much more meaningful. One of them was a newspaper article written about Finjy, my first goldfish. Mum and I found him floating upside down in his tank one afternoon. He looked decidedly unwell. Mum did what any pet lover would do, and took Finjy and I down to the local vet’s. Several days later, the following article appeared in a regular column of ‘The Herald’, a well known Melbourne newspaper. I saved the article and put it in my treasure box.finjy

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The Value of Narrative In Healing

Yesterday I returned from a stimulating conference in Noosa, Queensland, Australia. The main themes of the inaugural interdisciplinary conference were the value of narrative in 1)promoting wellness, healing and resilience, and 2) teaching health professionals to gain more empathy and understand more about the illness experience from a patient’s perspective.

The majority of the participants were nurses or students doing a PhD in creative writing. It was inspiring to come to a conference which encouraged presenters to share their creative pieces, rather than focusing on hiding behind academic papers and jargon.

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The Value of Journalling

How many of you journal on a regular basis?

I’ve been journalling for more years than I can remember, as evidenced by the mountains of journals stacked on a large shelf in my spacious home library.I’m so grateful for these journals. They are more like friends. Confidantes. I tell them my deepest darkest thoughts and feelings. I reflect on what’s going on in my life. They are my therapist, my friend and my companion.They have sustained me through many challenges in my life, including the deaths of my parents.So when the opportunity to submit a paper for Central Queensland University’s inaugural Narrative, Health and Wellbeing Research Conference came along, I promptly wrote an abstract.

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