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Month: May 2016

The Value of Intuition

Have you ever had a strong intuition about something and ignored it or pushed it to one side?

I have. It cost me dearly in terms of my emotional and physical wellbeing. Lying on a cold silver guerney, awaiting a medical procedure six years ago, I had a strong urge to get up and leave. It wasn’t too late. The specialist wasn’t in the room yet. I started feeling really uneasy. Something felt very wrong.

‘Don’t be silly’, the rational part of me said to myself. It’s normal to feel like this before a procedure. It’s just nerves.

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The Power of Poetry

A few weeks ago I came across an article about a new and unique initiative in a Western Australian hospital, where poetry is being used to provide medical and hospital staff members with respite from the pressures and stress of their work. One of the program’s aims is to enable staff to ‘find a fountain of renewal and rejuvenation in the middle of a busy hospital day.’

I’ve always been more interested in stories than poetry. Perhaps the uninspiring way in which poetry was taught in my secondary school English classes had something to do with it. Nevertheless, the article piqued my curiosity. I read on.

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Sometimes less is more

Someone emailed the quote below to me last week. It was very apt at the time, but became even more so after learning of the deaths of two people last week.

Sometimes writing less in a blog is more.

I choose for it to be so this week.13138890_964493296991202_3457095772097959876_n

My Favourite Books

How many of you collect lists of book recommendations?

I do. As of this year, I now have a dedicated book in which I note the book’s name, title and who recommended it. When the reading pile on my bedside table gets low, I have a readymade selection of books to choose from.

Several years ago I asked my birthday party guests to bring along a list of their ten favourite books. Only four people obliged out of about fifty people, but the ones who did gave their lists much thought. I then decided to create my own list of favourite books, and the list was published in a newsletter under the title of ‘Holiday Reading: Some Suggestions’.

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