Dr Bambi Rakhel Ward

Medical Education Consultant|Author & Speaker

6 tips that helped me write the first draft of my memoir:

  1. Having deadlines.
  2. Paying for a course where 5000 words had to be submitted by a deadline in order to receive feedback from an experienced writer and the rest of the group.
  3. Being in a supportive group of other writers who gave me encouraging feedback.
  4. Seeing that the struggles I was experiencing were similar to other people in the group.
  5. Having confidence in my ability as a writer after receiving helpful feedback from others.
  6. Having an accountability partner who expected me to SMS her the number of words I’d written.

In case you’re wondering, the course I did was called ‘Write Your Novel’, run by the Australian Writers’ Centre. The course leader was the wonderful author and creative writing teacher, Pamela Freeman.


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