WARD-14Dr Bambi Rakhel Ward (MBBS PhD FRACGP MFamMed GDFamMed GC Oral History) is a Senior Medical Education consultant with over 30 years experience teaching clinical and communication skills to doctors training to be family doctors in rural, remote and urban settings, as well as medical students and junior doctors.

She is also a multi-genre author, writer, speaker and workshop facilitator with 30 years experience in writing for national peer-reviewed medical journals, magazines newsletters and online journals. She completed a PhD in creative writing in 2019, which included writing a memoir of her spiritual journey.

Bambi  has diverse interests and has been published in Australian Family Physician, Australian Doctor, Parents and Children magazine, and Enhanced Living. She has also worked as an editor for several medical newsletters, and has written  a book chapter for ‘Reconciliation and Aboriginal Health’. Bambi has a background in family medicine, medical education and oral history.

She is a bookworm with a passionate interest in doctor’s health, narrative medicine, Indigenous health, spirituality, healing through writing, genealogy, and breaking the silence of identity related family secrets.

She lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband, has two married adult children, and enjoys being a grandmother.