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The importance of be-ing at this time of year

This is a busy time of year for many people. However times like this are when we often need to take more time out for reflection so as to keep the stress levels lower. Easier said than done, I know. But noticing the little things can bring us more joy.

The following things have brought me joy and gratitude this last week:

Watching beautiful sunsets from our home

Laughing with my grandchildren

Watching my grandchildren play

Spending time with my family

Spending time with my students at a reunion

Reading a book that’s hard to put down

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The Importance of Balance: a Reflection on Technology and Other Aspects of Our Lives

My teacher often says ‘the poison and the cure are the same’. This is certainly the case with information technology and social media. The way we approach them is all about balance. If we use them too much, we can waste a great deal of time and miss what’s going on around us. At the other extreme, we can miss out on connections, information, opportunities and even seeing certain photos that we wouldn’t otherwise get to see.

I’ve learnt just about everything I can do with technology from my husband, so it amuses me when people think I have good IT skills because I’ve been able to teach them things!

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Happy Hanukah!

For those of you who are celebrating Hanukah, this is a great time to birth more of your Higher Self into the world. Why? Because Hanukah is not just about lighting candles and eating latkes. It’s about bringing light into the dark places of our mind. It’s about battling with our negative thoughts, and having the courage to become more of who we are meant to be…step by step….so we can share our unique gifts with the world. Happy Hanukah!

Musings of a Kabbalah teacher

If you could choose a portion of the Torah or other Holy Book that you relate most to, which one would it be?
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