I love journalling in beautiful notebooks. However much of my journalling fell by the wayside during this last year, when writing the first draft of my memoir took precedence. Typing the draft directly into the computer was quicker than handwriting it and then typing it up later, so I chose to do the former.

At times I’ve wondered how different my first draft would have been had I written it by hand. Maybe it would have had more emotion in it. Why? Because streams of consciousness writing uses the creative intuitive part of the brain, whereas I suspect a person who types on a keyboard uses a different part of their brain. Never mind. I can add more feeling and depth to subsequent drafts, of which, I think, there will be many.

I’ve been fortunate that my husband has had access to Moleskine notebooks via a former client, so I’ve accumulated a lovely collection. They include ones with front page designs of the Hobbit, Alice in Wonderland, and the Peanuts gang. Journalling in these notebooks brings me much pleasure. So does writing at my large wooden desk. It’s very rarely neat and tidy, but I feel very much at home in my study. When I look up from my notebook, I can look straight out the front window of our home and see tall green trees, a national park in the distance, and a road with no power lines. I can also see beautiful views of multicoloured sunsets from my window. These views were strong considerations when it came to choosing our current home.

Surrounding oneself with beautiful things that express part of who we are can enhance our creativity. It might even help us get into ‘the zone’ more easily. The same is true for the space where we meditate, pray or do meaningful activities. Even if it’s a small corner of a room, it can be made into a place of beauty that reflects more of who we are. It can also help us feel safe and at peace. Isn’t that what homes are meant to make us feel?

And speaking of peace, may you all have a happy holiday season, and a healthy, joyous and peaceful 2016.

P.S. The following link shows a magnificent antique writing desk with secret compartments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vC5Hqk7wl7U

I think it is an amazing piece.